Projects from Beckmans selected for Ung Svensk Form 2022

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A shelf inspired by sneaker aesthetics, a mirror and chandelier where feminine and masculine coded decor interact and an innovative cat cage are three projects from Beckmans that were selected in the jury-judged competition.

You can see all the projects selected in Ung Svensk product design 2022 in an exhibition at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern 7 February - 20 March. After that, the exhibition goes on tour around Sweden.

DIO - Gustav Winsth

Behind the DIO shelf is designer Gustav Winsth, who developed it as a graduation project at the Design Programme last year. The shelf, which seeks to break with contemporary minimalism, creates a radical contemporary expression through the geometric shapes of its base. The shapes are created from recycled rubber granules while the rest of the shelf is made from anodised aluminium.

Gustav Winsth. Photo by Tobias Andersson

Jury motivation DIO :

"A stand-alone monumental piece that feels just as natural in the living room, in a warehouse or on the street. The choice of materials and the design language make it inevitable to disagree. With three basic components and industrial-inspired thinking, it shows a possible way for sneaker culture to make its way into the world of furniture. It's a lot of function, but also a lot of object."

Genderfucked Ornament - BUTCH x FEMME

Feminine coded aesthetics are often valued lower than masculine coded aesthetics. In her graduation project from the Form 2021 programme, BUTCH x FEMME asked herself whether this could change if we mixed them more together. What exactly is masculine and feminine coded decoration and what associations, feelings and thoughts arise when masculine and feminine coded decoration are allowed to interact in ornamentation?

Jury motivation Genderfucked Ornament:

"An example of how many designers today are deconstructing gender attributes, but also finding new 'queer' combinations of 'ugly' and 'fine' materials and mixing in style ideals from different mainstream and subcultures. The large mirror is reminiscent of a grand rococo piece, while the decorative elements are more reminiscent of hard rock and tribal tattoos of the 1990s. The chandelier creates a host of jarring contrasts: between the classical product design and the construction foam-like structure, between the crystal pendants and the loose hair, between the thin links and the beefy chains."

LYA by Elinor Parra

The idea for the cat cage LYA was born in a course during Elinor's first year at Beckman's Form programme. The task was to find products that are currently made of plastic or other unsustainable materials and give them a new product design with wood as the main raw material. Based on this, she developed LYA, a cat cage that will be part of everyday life, at home or on the go. It should be easy for cat owners but also safe, secure and comfortable for the cat.

Elinor wanted to create an alternative to the often plastic, cumbersome and sometimes clunky cat cages on the market. Cages that most people don't want on display. The materials are chosen to last and to create a more homely feel. The cages are mainly made of birch, upholstery fabric and leather with details such as zips, metal buckles and magnets.

Jury motivation LYA

"At a time when all coronas have to keep up at work, there is now an alternative to turquoise plastic boxes. Curious use of natural materials that delivers a durable, safe, attractive and multifunctional pet transport solution. With a convincing and finely crafted high quality prototype and well thought out solutions, the cat carrier is given a new place in everyday life."

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