For all higher education, you must have certain prior knowledge. This is called permission.

Basic eligibility and work samples for Beckmans

To be admitted to Beckman's bachelor's programme, basic eligibility for university studies is required. Since Beckman's programmes are based on artistic principles, work samples are also part of the application process.

Special admission to Mode 180 credits

In addition to basic qualifications, the programme Mode 180 credits also requires documented knowledge in pattern construction and sewing 2 semesters full-time. If you do not have formal training in pattern design and sewing but have equivalent knowledge, you should write a short justification in your application and upload relevant documents proving your qualifications, certificates, work certificates and pictures.

Eligibility through real competence

If you do not have any formal qualifications or qualifications for admission, but believe that you have the necessary skills to complete the course you are applying for, for example through work experience, you can request an assessment of your actual skills.

Real competence means the collective competence that you have acquired both inside and outside the formal education system. For example, it can be knowledge and experience that you have from working life, course activities, association life, longer stay abroad or other education.

The purpose of a test is to assess your overall competence in relation to the entry requirements of the education and training and whether it enables you to complete the education and training you are applying for. An assessment of prior learning is not about being exempted from one or more entry requirements, but is an opportunity to qualify for a program in another way than just through formal grades and merits. Please note that if you are already formally qualified, there is no assessment. If you are unsure whether you are already formally qualified or have other questions, please contact us at ansokan@beckmans.se

How do I apply for real competence?

You can apply for assessment of real competence when you register for one of our courses at the university. In your application, you describe what knowledge you think you have, how you acquired these and how they enable you to pass the training you are applying for. Also remember that as far as possible, prove your qualifications with relevant documents such as certificates, statements from employers, grades and course certificates.


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