Moving graphics and image of Beckmans

Beckmans visual communication

Moving posters, AV performance, room transformation and presence; this year's course in moving graphics and images has recently been completed by the first-year students on the Visual Communication programme. 

"I am very proud of VK21, which I now believe shares my love for the light, the room and the moving," says course coordinator Jonas Johansson.

What is the course about and what do students learn? 

"Moving Graphics and Image is basically about the art of expressing yourself movingly. In this particular course, students are challenged to, in addition to understanding some tools, include themselves in the process – in the present. We do this by working live, with the body, with digital technology, with visual communication – together. Concretely, students learn to work in After Effects, Cinema4d and Resolume, a trio of programs that open up a fantastic world of possibilities, says Jonas Johansson, lecturer in the visual communication programme and responsible for the course.   

"This year we also invited SAE, the School of Audio Engineering, to showcase the power of sound and moving graphics. A collaboration I hope will continue to develop.   

Who were the guest teachers?  

"In this year's course, we invited Freya Sif Hestnes, set designer and visual artist. She works with moving graphics and materials she finds in her surroundings. With an original setup of camera, light table and herself, she creates amazing graphics that feel anything but digital. She held a two-day workshop where the students themselves got to test her technique. We also invited Martin Löfqvist who taught After Effects and the possibilities of expressions, and Ashley Reed who introduced Cinema4d and 3d.   

What were the students assigned and what were their biggest challenges with it?  

"Since the course has several technical elements, there were also several assignments. Martin called for the creation of a 10-second moving trailer for any podcast, while the students with Freya and SAE created analog audio-visual performances. The bigger task was then a live performance based on projection mapping and animation in 3D. This was shown on two occasions at the final tour of the course.  

"As a group, to have a strong visual voice, I see it as a big challenge, to find an interaction and express it live. It requires repetition, communication and work. I am very proud of VK21 which I now believe shares my love for the light, the room and the moving.


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