Påsklovskollo i grafisk design

Beckmans visual communication

During four intensive Easter holidays, we investigate small and large letter shapes together with former Beckmans students Greta Colloca and Alf Arén and Tensta konsthall. Kollot is aimed at those who are between 15-22 years old. 

Letterforms mini, midi, maxi

We will see the letters that surround us in public space and create our own letters using different techniques. Each day we will scale up the size of the letters and by the end of the week we will have worked in mini, midi and maxi formats.

You will get to try out different techniques for printing on paper and work in monumental format on a wall. The workshop takes place both at Tensta konsthall and at Beckmans. The week will end with a presentation of the participants' work. 


The Kollo is free of charge. No prior knowledge is required.
To register, email nina@tenstakonsthall.se or call 08-36 07 63.


Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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