Om gränslandet mellan det analoga och det digitala

Beckmans degree2019,product design

Newly graduated designer Josefin Zachrisson is invited to MER Arkitektkontor to talk about the value of three-dimensional design in a digital and physical context.

In her acclaimed Beckmans degree project, No(n)sense, she uses physical objects and a virtual experience to explore the borderland between the analogue and the digital.

1. What reactions have you received to your degree project?

-"I have received incredibly good feedback on my degree project. The reactions come from both the art and design worlds, which feels special because it's in the borderland between the two that I want to position myself. Part of my exhibition form was virtual and this gave me the opportunity to invite the visitor to interact with my project and the process behind it. It acted as a tool and opened up conversations about the essence of the project.

2. Will you take the project further in any way? 

-"A large part of my degree project was about formulating a method for how I could work in the future, so my ambition is to continue developing my process in that direction. Having been awarded the Glassfactory working stipend, I already have a project to apply my method to and it feels very exciting.

3. What do you do next? 

-After three years of a given context, I try to create my own, partly by continuing to develop an extension of my degree project and partly by surrounding myself with people who inspire me. Together with three others from my graduating class, Julia Jondell, Mira Bergh Edenborg and Matilda Ström Ellow, I will start an art and design collective. We have a studio and the idea is that we will both sit with our own commissions and do projects together. Both I and the industry have a lot to look forward to!

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