New jobs at international fashion brands directly after graduation

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Balenciaga, Koché and Totême are new workplaces for three of our fashion designers who graduated last year.

In fact, all the graduates of the class of 2021 have found jobs in the fashion industry, both in Sweden and internationally. Ronja Berg, for example, was discovered by Balenciaga via social media and now works as a design assistant at the fashion house in Paris.

We interviewed Yanis Dorey and Filippa Agaton from the class of 2021 to find out what they are doing at their new jobs.

Yanis Dorey

Where do you work?

-I'm now working for Koché, a fairly young brand based in Paris that is showing during Paris Fashion Week. We work on mixing streetwear and ideas of inclusivity with Haute Couture traditions and techniques. 

What are you allowed to do there?

-At Koché I get to work on a lot of different things, because we're still quite small, from flat sketches and draping to embroidery design and coordinating the different collaborations that Koché has.

What is the most important thing that you take away from your years at Beckmans?

-I would say that the best knowledge I have from Beckmans is independence and the ability to work with other people. It's one thing to be technically and artistically proficient, but in a work environment it's also important to be able to adapt to other people, to organise your work and to understand an aesthetic that may not be directly your own!

Filippa Agaton

Where do you work?

-I work as a design assistant at Totême in Stockholm.

What are you allowed to do there?

-As a small design team of three, we do a lot together. So my days can be very different but mostly consist of sampling, sketching, fabric meetings, proto and sms meetings etc. We've also done some travelling, both for inspiration but also to visit factories and go to fabric fairs and such. I think it's so great to work in a team, especially when it's as nice as the one I have here. 

What is the most important thing that you take away from your years at Beckmans?

-"The most important thing for me has probably been to feel confident in and have experience of all stages of the creative process, from creative design to technical sketches, pattern construction, fabric selection, colour selection, sewing, finishing, etc. Because even though all the elements are rarely included in a single service when working, I am happy to have an understanding of all the elements.


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