Digital children's guide by Beckmans students becomes permanent feature at Jewish Museum

Sofia Hulting digital communication, visual communication

One of the digital guides developed in the Visual Communication Collaboration Course program with the Jewish Museum last year now becomes an official guide at the museum.

"Great way into the Jewish for smaller children"

The children's guide was created by Isabelle Sjö and Lisa Åsberg as a complement to the basic exhibition and is aimed at children between 6-10 years. With the help of the guide, the children get to look for and find things in the exhibition, but they also get things to think about and draw.  "Last year, many people thought it was funny and cute and we ourselves thought it was a fantastic way into the Jewish for smaller children. The museum is a rather "grown-up" museum, and the fine illustrations and mobile phone became a good bridge between the museum and children's curiosity and creativity, says Christina Gamstorp, museum director. 

Isabelle and Lisa have now further developed the guide for the museum and during the autumn holidays it has been launched for visitors.
Here you can check out the guide, use your smartphone!

Seven new guides on a temporary visit  

Last week, this year's digital guides for the Jewish Museum were released, which are created by students on the Visual Communication program at Beckmans. The guides are on a temporary visit for a month, but the idea is, like last year, to give new perspectives on the exhibition.   "Letting an outside eye examine the exhibition brings so many new angles, things we never thought of or would ever catch up with," he said. The museum grows with each new guide and it's wonderful. And we also reach new people who may never have come into contact with the Jewish community before. That alone is absolutely brilliant, says Christina Gamstorp.

Points of View, 28 Oct – 28 Nov 

This year's exhibition of digital guides from Beckmans we call Points of View. The guides are best experienced at the museum and are available between 28 October – 28 November.