Bernadotte Art Award awarded to Beckmansalumni behind fashion brand Rave Review

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The success continues for Josephine Bergquist and Livia Schück, former Beckmans students and the founders of the fashion brand Rave Review,who are now awarded the Bernadotte Art Award.

"Exclusive and commercial fashion in a contemporary and sustainable way"

"Rave Review/Josephine Bergquist and Livia Schück create durable clothing by redoing and upgrading existing garments. Their fully Swedish-produced collections show that it is possible to create exclusive and commercial fashion in a contemporary and sustainable way. A shining example of solidarity," the jury wrote in its statement.

Josephine and Livia graduated from Beckman's fashion program in 2016 and founded their rave review brand the following year. The brand combines remake and upcycling with a high fashion level and has been shown at the fashion weeks in Paris and Stockholm and in January their show Copenhagen Fashion Week opened. In February, they were nominated for the prestigious LVMH Prize and in 2019 they were named Newcomers of the Year at the Elle Gala.

About Bernadotte Art Awards   

The Bernadotte Art Awards with a prize of SEK 50,000 are awarded annually to five laureates in the categories music, theatre, art and design. The award was established in connection with the late Design Prince Sigvard Bernadotte's 75th birthday.