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Beckmans artistic design and visual communication

Julis Tuvenvall, student at the Visual Communication programme, and Felicia Mebus student at formprogrammet, have both created artworks that have been selected for this year's edition of The Spring Salon at Liljevalchs konsthall.

Is advertising ok in art?

"My work Pre-Roll started as a school project at Beckmans where the task was to interpret advertising and then create art from it. YouTube has an ad area called pre-roll where companies buy ads that appear before and during videos on the channel. The work is an analog interpretation of that advertising space, Julius explains.

It was in the course Art Advertising Art,which is given in the second year of the visual communication programme, that Pre-Roll was developed. The course examines the charged relationship between art and advertising and Julius's work pinpoints a contentious issue; Can we accept advertising in the art context?

The partner in the project is Tradera. 

"Since Tradera is a large and well-known brand that contributes to reduced new consumption and thus to a more sustainable society, it felt like a relevant partner," he says.

The Death of a Room and the Birth of a New Room

Felicia Mebus' painting Artificially depicts the redevelopment of Slussen in autumn 2018. The title of the work refers to a feeling that the transformation of our habitat can evoke.

"Every morning I pass Slussen, the situation is always different from the one I saw the day before. A precise plan for the future is chiseled out of the ground. The soil is covered with fabricated materials; concrete, plastics, metals. The same phenomenon that we see everywhere around us in our time, a desire to create an artificial environment. We can never recreate what was there before, it's the death of a room and the birth of a new room. I miss living in a world that is not artificial – built on drawings that domesticated water and trees into a landscaped environment. What does it do to us to change our living conditions and modify our world? Says Felicia.

About The Spring Salon

The popular Spring Salon is usually visited by more than 100,000 visitors. This year, close to 3,000 applications were submitted, including 330 works. At Vårsalongen, younger and older participants, professionals and amateurs, meet and show a wide range of artistic expressions. This year's jury included artist Lars Lerin, designer and Beckmans alumnne Bea Szenfeld and the art gallery's director, Mårten Castenfors. The spring salon runs this year between 10 January and 22 March at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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