Beckmansalumni named Form Bearer of the Year

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Adam Swärd, fashion designer who graduated from Beckmans this spring, has been named Form Carrier of the Year by Svensk product design The valleys. At the same time, Lotta Lampa, who graduated from the Form Program in 2013, has been named Form Carrier of the Year in Norrbotten.

It is the seventh year in a row that Svensk Form's 13 regional associations have each appointed a Form carrier.

"Understand the identity-building power of fashion"

Adam Swärd:This year's Form Bearer is a innovator and innovator who finds different ways to express his vision.  A sassy, sparkling star that combines classic craftsmanship with a confident, contemporary trendsetter look. They take fashion seriously and understand its identity-creating power. In its graduation collection from Beckmans College of Design, called MADA – a strong sense of form, courage and passion emerges. It's transformatively beautiful. We see an urban, cross-border, stylish expression and we long to see more! The Form Bearer of the Year in Dalarna 2019 is Adam Swärd.

"An inspirational injection at the borderland between art and design"

Lotta Lampa: Lotta Lampa cares about good cooperation, sustainability and craftsmanship. Through her design, she has attracted attention both nationally and internationally. With unique, playful and challenging objects, she examines material and expression without preconditions. An inspirational injection in the borderland between art and design. Lotta stands with her feet deep in the Norrbottnian soil but is at the same time in constant motion.

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