All Thoughts Welcome - a design collaboration between Beckmans and Swedish furniture companies

Sofia Hulting product design, Stockholm Furniture Fair

For the fifth year, the final year students of the Design Programme at Beckmans have collaborated with some of Sweden's leading furniture companies; this year Gärsnäs, Johanson Design, Källemo, Lammhults, Nola & Swedese.

From 7-12 February we will present their six products in an exhibition at Alma on Nybrogatan 8.

Welcome to the finissage on Friday 11 February at 16-20!

Photo by Emil Fagander.

Design companies have challenged students with a brief

-As in previous years, the students have worked in teams of 2-3 with each design company, who in turn challenged them with a brief. Each year offers new opportunities and challenges. Not least a rapidly changing world where new conditions are set, creating new directions, discoveries and solutions. This project is an important design collaboration for our students, giving them valuable experience for the future. The fact that design companies have so generously contributed their time and expertise is of great importance for us to be able to carry it out," says Morgan Rudberg, Senior Lecturer in charge of the course at product design.  

Exhibition concept a tribute to the creative process

The exhibition's concept, All Thoughts Welcome, is a celebration of the creative process and the unexpected, messy and spontaneous life of thoughts. Thoughts that product design give rise to ideas that in turn give rise to new forms, creations and impressions that describe and enrich our world. Because once the furniture is in place, it often feels natural. But how can all the work that precedes it be told? That was the entry point for the concept, graphic design, film, catalogue and digital communication developed by a group of students on the Visual Communication programme.

For the exhibition itself, we return to Beckman's former premises at Nybrogatan 8, a place where ideas continue to be born and given life. 

All Thoughts Welcome at Alma, Nybrogatan 8, 7-12 February. Photo by Emil Fagander.

Opening hours of the exhibition

7 February: 16.00-20.00
8-11 February: 12.00-20.00
11 February: 16.00-20.00 finissage
12 February: 10.00-17.00

Location: Alma, Nybrogatan 8.

Designers & partner companies

SINCERELY, VAGGERYD - Tora Kirchmeier & Simon Mattisson in collaboration with Swedese. Photo by Emil Fagander.
O - design Elias Berg, Mikaela Midell & Felicia Mebus in collaboration with Lammhults. Photo: Emil Fagerberg.

KLINT - Dana Ferrazzini & Ida Simma in collaboration with Gärnäs. Photo by Emil Fagander.

Concept & visual communication

Concept, graphic design, film, catalogue and digital communication by Alexander Peri, Annabella Gustafsson, Joel Eriksson, Sara Bris, Tuva Larsson, final year students of the Visual Communication programme.