Take a closer look at Nobel Creations during Culture Night

Sofia Hulting fashion, nobel

Meet fashion designer and Beckmansalumn Bea Szenfeld who together with fashion student Emily Duff discusses fashion and art and shows each creation with strong messages during Kulturnatten April 24 at the Nobel Prize Museum.


During the evening we will take a closer look at the dress that Bea Szenfeld created for Minister of Culture Alice Bah Kuhnke who wanted to get us all thinking about the Arctic and climate change. Emily Duff, who is in her first year at the Fashion Program, talks about her and Johanna Stannow's interpretation of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine. What do you think about converting hepatitis C virus into fashion? In Emily and Johanna's colorful creation, we follow the virus' path through the blood to the liver. 

About Nobel Creations 

Every year, fashion students at Beckman's free interpretations of this year's Nobel Prize. This year they are on display at the Nobel Prize Museum in connection with their new exhibition about the Nobel Banquet. The exhibition will open later this spring.