First prize in the REX Animation Student Award

Beckmans application and visual communication

With a film that in a heartfelt and humorous way sums up the year we have lived through, Eliot Axelsson won first prize in the REX Animation Student Award 2020.

Film was created as a work sample for Beckman's

The film "The Essential Worker" was part of Eliot Axelsson's work test for the program Visual Communication at Beckmans this spring. The task was to choose a year in his life and create a trailer for it with the intention of making the viewer want to see "the whole movie".

"It's partly a film full of my own conspiratorial system criticism, a bit like the "Simpson predicted this" feeling, "it's a bit like that," he said. Partly a film that jokes about how detached, comfortable and toothless middle-class jobs, values and worldviews are when they are tested against steel and scrap. Just like what I criticize, my work is also ineffective, which is a funny paradox in itself to talk about," eliot explains.

The inspiration comes from films such as Thunderbirds, Metropolis and Alphaville, but also from dreams and nightmares.

"While I was making the movie, I had just started taking a medicine that brought my dreams back with double intensity after being missing for years," he said. I therefore dreamed a lot of dreams and nightmares about the films I saw and sketched down afterwards, which went into the storyboard.

Several Beckmans students nominated 

Three other Beckmans students were nominated in the competition. Isabelle Sjö is in her final year of the visual communication program for her film "Doubt, You're Out" and Adam Siversen Ljung and Felix Scheynius who graduated from the visual communication program in the spring. Their film "Monday, Closed" was produced in a course at Beckmans last autumn when the final-year students created digital guides to Moderna Museet.


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