Digital open lecture on typography

Beckmans artistic research and open lecture, visual communication

Welcome to a lecture on typography with Walid Bouchouchi, founder of the French-Algerian design agency Akakir Studio,and who created an alphabet based on phonetics, Fono-Type.

About typography as bridge builder between different graphic expressions

Fono-Type is a visual representation of the spoken language in North Africa and highlights the close link between typography and language. In a digital lecture, Walid Bouchouchi now talks about the work with the alphabet and about typography that he describes as follows:

"I'm hoping to build bridges between different systems of graphic expression, it develops a multilingual and multi scriptural visual language, composed from several languages and alphabets, in which different cultures coexist."

Lecture part of exhibition at Shoof

The lecture is linked to the ongoing exhibition on typography at Shoof, a stand-gallery in Hornstull's T-bana that shows contemporary expressions of visual culture. The gallery is run by Samira Bouabana, graphic designer and program manager Visual Communication, and is part of her subject development project that is part of Beckman's investment in artistic research. Read more about Shoof here.

Time and meeting link

When:Tuesday, November 2, 4:30 p.m.
Link:The lecture takes place via Google Meet, connect here.
No pre-registration is required. The lecture is in English.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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