Watch the live broadcast - Beckmans Graduation Exhibition 2020

Beckmans degree2020

On May 26, we broadcast a virtual opening from the 2020 graduation exhibition. Here you can see it afterwards.

The exhibition can be seen IRL from 19-23 August when it opens at the school.

Meet the students in a live vernissage 

Many things are set in these times but not Beckman's graduation exhibition. In a live broadcast on May 26, a first chance was given to meet our degree students and take part in their degree projects in product design, fashion and visual communication. 

Watch the live broadcast from 26 May. Watch the respective episodes here.

  • 0:53 - meet the form students
  • 24:26 - meet the fashion students
  • 1:08:00 - meet the students of the visual communication programme
  • 1:53:00 - aftershow 

- At Beckman College of Design , we know that design can be the key to solving problems. Especially in times of crisis, creativity and problem-solving skills are crucial. This spring, the whole of society is facing challenges. For Beckmans, this has meant quickly switching to distance learning. This also changed the conditions for this year's degree students to carry out their projects. In Piece By Piece, students as well as supervisors and teachers have managed to meet the difficulties that have arisen and the students have completed their projects. And for me as Vice-Chancellor, it has become clear that creativity, the ability to solve problems and solidarity with each other and society are cornerstones of Beckmans," says Vice-Chancellor Karina Ericsson Wärn.

Participating live broadcast

Producer: Annika Berner & Felix Svensson
Director: Oliver Herdberg
Editor: Annika Berner
Interviews: Salka Hallström (product design), Philip Warkander, (fashion) Sophia Wood (visual communication)
DoP: Felix Svensson
Photographer: Andrea Brisfjäll
Sound: Ted Swords Music: Leonard Ekenberg
Art Direction live: Tuva Larsson, Joel Eriksson, Alexander Peri, Sara Bris, Maja Schein, Linnea Jacobsson
Art Direction, fashion: Leonard Ekenberg, Selvi Albayrak, Clémentine Berglund
Fashion film: Alva Nylander
Fashion photography: Albin Händig Models: Mikas Stockholm, Nisch Management, Stockholmsgruppen Hair/Make: Dominika Newelska, Martina Dahlqvist (ass) Makeup Academy
Exhibition producer: Peter Nylander
Publisher: Karina Ericsson Wärn, Principal

Exam website

The degree website allows you to browse degree projects in product design, fashion and visual communication. The website will be fully launched on May 26.

The exhibition is open to the public in August

During Stockholm Design Week, 19-23 August, there will be another chance to see this year's graduation projects when the exhibition opens to the public at the school. In addition, the fashion students will show their graduation collections in a fashion show at the Historical Museum on 26 August.

Visual Concept & Art Direction 

Agnes Moström
Reidar Pritzel
Tilda Aspelin
Ville Högström


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