Portrait photography

vicarious communicator artistic design and visual communication

How do you capture and find representation for your gaze? VK23 has explored portrait photography.

In the week-long course Portrait Photography, VK23, which is in its first year of the Visual Communication programme, has explored photography and light. Each student has been tasked with photographing a series of three to five photographs, and giving an account of their aesthetic choices. The task also included photographing a place and an object that relates to the person who was portrayed.  


Artistic supervision by photographer Erik Olsson, course coordinator Mia Vendel senior lecturer in artistic design at Beckmans.

Participating students

Anna Ericsson Hybinette, Anna Eriksson, Axel Wahl, Carl-Johan Elf, Edward Ström, Eliot Axelsson, Eliot Siekkinen Lydeén, Fredrik Westin, Ida Gustafsson, Julian Redaelli, Louise Gistrand, Lova Rehle, Oskar Hannu, Stephanie Sierau, Viktoria Hultman and Wasim Harwill.