Beckmans gästar Tensta konsthall för designkollo med modefokus

Beckmans fashion

It has once again been time for the popular package at Tensta konsthall with, among others, former Beckmans student Sandra Saeidi. 

Design, fashion and textile techniques 

What does tomorrow's fashion look like and what does your own fashion expression tell you about you? In this summer's kollo, Sandra Saeidi (Mode 2019) delves into the world of design, fashion and textile techniques together with artist Fredda Berg. 

"Fashion and design is an industry in constant need of new perspectives and cravings for cultural mixing with a keen feel. Meeting young people's creativity in their own environments is an unbeatable way to capture both new ideas and new talents that we hope will apply to school or other artistic education as they get older. For me personally, it is a source of inspiration," says Sandra Saedi.

The design collage (which is fully booked) runs from 10 to 14 August. The summer school is carried out with the support of Family Housing. 

About Beckman's collaboration with Tensta konsthall

Beckman's collaboration with Tensta Konsthall has been going on for over a year, mainly with activities on holidays and weekends. During the sports holiday, the first fashion collage was carried out.

Works of Essence

Works of Essence

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