Material: Chromed Steel, Leather and Textile

Dimensions: H. 470 mm/ Ø. 420 mm

Our aim when developing the ‘O’ stool was to design a piece of furniture that would align with the current more fluid work environment that has developed during the pandemic. We have strived to create a stool that doesn’t feel stereotypical.

The keywords during the process have been ‘charming’, ‘unique’ and ‘sculptural’—manifested in the legs and the stools’ specific spiral stacking. Our biggest challenge has been to create an expression that feels fresh and that is also adjusted to all the prevailing construction conditions that a stackable piece requires.

The legs and the seat have been developed in separate processes, a method none of us were familiar with, and something that we thought might result in the pieces being incompatible, but when seeing the finished stool, we believe this is what gives our project excitement.

Produces by Lammhults 2021

Photographed by Emil Fagander at Alma