Ronja Reuber examen2020

Novum is a barstool made in collaboration with the furniture manufacturer Offecct and adapted to their circular business model.

In this project, I have explored how design is influenced by circular economy, and how I as a designer relate to sustainability – social, economical, environmental and aesthetic. 

Based on the brief of making a barstool I have designed Novum for public spaces such as restaurants, bars and office meeting areas. Each material used in the barstool can be taken apart and therefor be reconditioned when the furniture is worn out or the colours are dated. This makes it possible for Offecct to reupholster and refurbish the stool, thus extend its life.  

Although the design of the product is my foremost concern, a circular approach should have a place in every design process. For me it’s an opportunity to take responsibility for my design and a justification for my role of creating new products.

Photographer: Dana Ozollapa