A child’s first adventure on wheels – it should be fun. The Vingla balance bike teaches the smallest cyclists to build and balance.

When we use our bodies and our hands in learning, knowledge is rooted deeply, and the earlier we start the deeper those roots grow. We call it learning by doing. I have lived on two wheels all my life. My thesis project is about children’s first step into the world of bicycles and giving them a chance to take part in creating and then using their own first bikes. It includes a first balance bike for two-year-olds and a build-your-own package for four-year-olds.

My project has primarily been about technical product development. In a product whose purpose is education in motor skills and balance, aspects like angles, weighting and ergonomics must be top priorities. I have used CAD to examine every imaginable detail and to develop the mechanical system that best communicates with the user while still being safe.

Vingla is a build-your-own package with two different kinds of handlebars and two different wheel sizes in a variety of exciting colours. It is intended for children between the ages of two and four, and it offers a new way of learning motor skills and balance.

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