Pinot – sofa and easy chair

Pinot, a sofa and an easy chair that pushes construction to the extreme. The design presented is entirely free of polyether and creates comfort using natural materials and their authentic properties.

Today the market is dominated by sofas and easy chairs upholstered with cold foam – polyether urethane, which is used in thick mattresses and hides the furniture’s construction in favour of comfort and style. Who really knows what a sofa looks like on the inside? Synthetic fabrics, glues, urethane foam, form-cast foam, springs and timber frame: all these components ought to be recycled separately, but all too often are simply burned up. I want to do just the opposite! By using the construction as the means of aesthetic expression, I’m able to feature the various components that make up the sofa and the easy chair. In a collaboration with Swedese I have designed comfortable lounge furnitures without upholstery. The sofa and easychair has a carefully balanced anatomy in which the materials live in symbiosis with one another. There is a vigour in the laminated veneer timber that meets the natural give of the leather. The seat, stretched across the timber framework, provides a seating angle that is adapted to the human body. The materials are selected with consideration for how they will age. Wood, leather and woven linen are classic materials that can withstand both the test of time and quickly changing trends. The construction conserves materials, which can be separated to facilitate restoration or recycling. Pinot has emerged out of a process in which physical sketches, 3D plans, and scale models provided room to experiment. The physical testing of seating angles has produced just the right balance between comfort and material efficiency.

THANKS TO: Swedese, Mats Grennfalk, Fredrik Folke Ireklint, Stefan Toth, Linnea Remnemark.

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