Peg Board – ​acoustic wall panels and shelf system

Mika Lindblad form, material

Nominated Top five in the Troldtekt design award 2018.

Acoustic wall panels combined with a wall-mounted shelf system. The shelf system allows for a creative setup where you can choose where you want your shelves and hangers.

It can be hard to spare an entire wall for acoustic panels in homes, schools and offices. The pegbord is a solution that not only gives you great acoustics, but also a versatile storage solution.

The pegboard is a estetic way to incorporate function with good materials and a good sound environment. The pegs lock to the back panel with a twist and are easy to remove and replace. The shelves are supported and secured by the pags. The shelf have cavities shaped after the pegs which allows for a “snap on” function.

The pegs are made of pine and the top is painted in bold colors. A fun a decorative way to arrange your wall. Perfect for kindergartens and offices. What color does you hanger have?