Material spaces

Joel Andersson mode, material

The theme for this collection is a civilisation and its reconstruction after societal collapse and a dramatic change in scenery. A once prosperous planet is now a hellscape with limited resources.
According to the theme and the rebuilding of a society the inhabitants of the planet has gone back to natural fibers and dyes mixed with scavenging for the few remainders still left of their former homes. Since the fashion knowledge is still there but the resources are missing the people have adapted a mix of classic garments made new through their handiwork. The feeling I try to convey is one of somber harmony. There is of course the looming reality of their situation weighing heavy on them but despite it there is a collective bond and calm that comes with a common goal, to survive.

Photographer: Wasim Harwill

Gaffer: Anna Hermansson 

Best boy: Edward Ström & Mauritz Larsson

 Set design: Eliot Siekkinen Lydeen & Lova Rehle 

Art Direction: Edward Ström, Eliot Siekkinen Lydeen, Julian Redaelli, Lova Rehle, Wasim Harwill

Model: Brian B, Fye management