VERV at Stockholm Creative Edition – New contemporary

Fanny Axnér

Design by Fanny Axnér and Siri Boekhout in collaboration with Nola Industrier AB

Verv was developed in a desire to introduce a rocking chair to an urban outdoors environment.

Furniture adapted for the elderly often has many technical additions, and we asked ourselves—are these really necessary? As rocking is proven to be therapeutic as well as good for our muscles, balance and blood circulation, we saw an opportunity to reinterpret a classic piece of furniture for a new context.

Due to the many advantages of strong metal, we were able to experiment with very thin dimensions throughout the whole chair and play with contrast in its expression. Verv is generous without being clumsy, graceful but not frail, reflective of its environment yet vivid in its own form.

Displayed at Stockholm creative edition 2022 – New Contemporary at Sveavägen 8.

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