Emily Duff mode, material

My collection is about the state between life and death, and what happens with the memory of a person when all we have left of them are stories from their life. When re-telling these stories details often changes, they are exaggerated, softened, made funnier or maybe even forgotten. As the stories change, the memory of the person change and eventually they are no longer remembered as the person they were, but as the person we want them to have been.

I have focused on my materials going through a transformation, they start off as one thing and gradually become something else. By pleating, weaving, knitting, and by combining the techniques, I have created a textile metamorphosis.


Photographer: Wasim Harwill
Gaffer: Anna Hermansson
Best boy: Edward Ström & Mauritz Larsson
Set design: Eliot Siekkinen Lydeen & Lova Rehle
Art Direction: Edward Ström, Eliot Siekkinen Lydeen, Julian Redaelli, Lova Rehle, Wasim Harwill
Model: Bella M / Stockholmsgruppen

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