Asli Cömert mode, material

The sun is beaming, it’s a wonderful Friday afternoon and you hear the call to prayer echoing throughout the town. All the local men are making their way to the mosque upon hearing it.

If you look up at the clear blue sky you can see a flock of common swifts soaring; although they may seem like regular birds, they bear a greater significance for us Muslims. Those birds once attacked an army of elephants and people who tried to destroy the Kaaba, a very important building in Islam. In this collection I was inspired by my religion, Islam, the magical mosques and the very magical bird in particular.   

MATERIALS & TECHNIQUES: Knitting with only natural fibres and metal chains, pearl embroidery and glued-on sunflower seeds.   

Art direction: Alva nylander, alexander peri, Hedvig Moberg, Joel Eriksson, Linnéa Jacobson, Eric Rösmark, Tuva Larsson  

Photographer: @_valtyr   

MUA: Anna-Lena Svensson, Amela Raghe, Julia Ax @Dashl.se   

Model: Felicia Kerje @Mikasstockholm


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