Anna Rothlin form, material

Ön, created by Beckmans students Anna Rothlin and Elsa Frisén for Designtorget
is multifunctional, being both a chopping board and a knee tray.

”Our focus was on creating a well-developed and multifunctional product that provides addedvalue and a long-term relationship with the customer. Solid knowledge, sustainability and quality were the keywords throughout the process. In an ever faster everyday life, we wanted to create a product that you bring with you and take the time to sit down with, whether it´s in the sofa, garden or in your bed. The value of time is reflected in the product.

And we wanted to find a sustainable material fit for the purpose and not mix materials or use additives. We found the material which matched our vision of quality and sustainability in the island of Gotland, at Österby Brädgård. The Gotlandic heart pine.

The heart pine on Gotland is over 100 years old when it is felled. It takes time to grow.

The soil on the island is lean and rich in lime, which makes the pine grow slowly and therefore get a high density. Gotlands heart pine has a higher content of extractives than any other heart pine. The substances protect the wood from fungus and mold and reduce the wood’s tendency to absorb water.

The carpentry Gotlands snickeri, not far from Österby brädgård, manufactures the cutting boards, they smell fantastic when they arrive to us.”

The thread in the packaging material is the only one thing on the product that is not made out of wood. Organic quality paper Munken Pure Rough from Arctic Paper.

Opening at Designtorget Götgatan Stockholm and webb 17 august 2020