Evening School: Fashion

Is fashion designer a dream job for you? Then Mode at Beckmans Kvällsskola can be a step along the way.

A preparatory training in fashion design

Our 1-year preparatory training will give you a basic orientation in fashion design, fashion drawing and pattern composition. It prepares you to apply for higher design courses, but is also suitable for those who want to take a step in their career, develop skills or change the focus on your current work. The teaching takes place two nights a week during a school year.

Professional teachers

The teaching is led by professional designers and illustrators in textiles, fashion and product design.

Fashion design and pattern composition are main topics

The focus is on the topics of fashion design and pattern composition, which includes collection development in sketch, exercises in creative process from research via analysis to garments and collection ideas, material theory and exercises in color knowledge. In the subject pattern composition, investigate reporting techniques and color schemes/color schemes. Our goal is for the subjects to inspire, develop and strengthen your sense of product design and your own expression and encourage you to discuss fashion and design.

Figure and fashion drawing, crocus, material and study drawing, as well as technical drawing are also important parts of the course. In addition, a brief review is included in the graphic product design related to fashion and textiles as well as a presentation of fashion theory.

The course also includes creating and presenting an individual portfolio, which is the document that is almost exclusively used as a merit document in the design industry.

Two nights a week

Teaching in product design lectures and workshops two nights a week. In addition, the tasks/projects require you to work independently to complete these in addition to the scheduled time.

Application for Beckman Evening School opens in January 2023

In January, the application for Beckman Evening School for the academic year 2023/24 will open .

How much do the preparatory trainings cost?

The fee for the academic year 2022/23 is SEK 37 000. It is payable before the start of the course. The preparatory courses are not CSN-eligible. Through a partnership with Human Finance, there is the possibility to split your payment into 6 or 12 months. You can also split the payment over a longer period but interest will be charged. Read more about how to do this here.

Design scholarship

Since 2019, designstipendiet is available for those who want to study at Beckmans Kvällsskola. The design grant is established by the Robert Weil Family Foundation and covers the cost of the education and can be applied for by anyone who has submitted their application to Beckmans Kvällsskola. Apply for the Designstipendiet here

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