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Adam Swärd Mada represents the self-realization that we can carry out in product design of cladding. Mada is my self-realization. The Mada project is based on my own...

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Self8 Love

Emma Wåhlin An individual's different persona; how one stages oneself based on emotional states, social codes, objects and contexts. In response to a perceived...

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The Unnamed

Sergio Castiglioni
Excessive pain and life-force in an individual and how this is perceived and received by society.
Certain individuals appear to possess an excess ...

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Sofia Isdahl Clairvoyance , from the French clair, "clear, clear" and voir, "see", implies an ability to see things hidden from the senses. Is this a...

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Erik Olsson Through Jean Hermanson's camera lens, the everyday lives of industrial workers were documented. A story of community and unhealthy environments, but what I see above all is an unedited ...

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