Coming storms

Yanis Dorey mode, material


Our societies have developed through the exploitation of the

environment. Now we’re heading towards a new stage. But we’re failing to give up on our small luxuries, not wanting to face the rejects of those behaviours. How do we protect ourselves from the inevitable radical changes? I wanted to investigate the unnecessary luxuries using exclusive materials that have been stiffened and damaged by my own actions thus turning them into rejects, but also by reversing the process and beautifying recycled fishing nets.

Material & techniques: Silk embroidered and manipulated with saddle soap or stiffened with glue, burn-out on knit, recycled fishing nets knitted or applied, latex application on fabric.


– Matilda Engström


– Rey Mayari

Hair & make-up:

– Ina Palm

Art direction:

– Astrid Askert

– Erik Karlsson Malinen

– Ivan Gedin

– Lova Nyblom

Special thanks to: Sötenäs Symbioscentrum for the recycled fishing nets.

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