Dag is a piece of furniture created for casual seating in both private and social environments. With comfort as our keyword, the padding is allowed to swell in and out of the cavities of the wooden frame, the stripped back and the expressive thereby creating a unique contrast that enhances the two opposites. The daybed with its distinct voluminous curves and long sleek open sides can anchor a room without obstructing the visual flow of the space.

Gärsnäs experience in wooden craftsmanship provided us with an opportunity to create a detailed yet  simple construction in solid beech. In line with Gärsnäs renovation service, the daybed is constructed by separable materials in an effort to minimise environmental impact and to assure sustainable ageing.

Dag is designed by Me and Gustav Winsth, in collaboration with Gärsnäs.

Wood – Beech  
Cold cured foam 
Fabric – Wool blend