The definition of timeless can be described as something independent of time and space, something infinite and forever young…  timeless is immortal. This concept has enchanted the humanity, which motivated a pursuit of perfection. A perfection that not only affects the individual and the society in which it lives, but also parts beyond one’s own perception. It became a wish… a goal… an obsession that the single individual strives to
experience, believing that in one’s own lifetime you will get to know a life with substance, happiness and meaning. Mesmerized by this idea humanity lost its focus, and now have to realise that this comes with consequences. Today we live in a time when we have information that concerns places beyond our own life, within an arm’s length away. Yet, have one important part of our society moved one step back in history. But one more important part has moved one step forward. The one who is aware that the idea of perfection is false, that value what often is described as the oposite. The one who see that timeless is a term that cannot be true, when timeless is something that doesn’t evolve. The one who value the fact that information exists around us constantly, and take part of it. The one who knows that the humanity is the key to our evolution, and that this is not possible alone. The one who knows that we cannot change our history, and that it goes through a constant movement forward, every day turns to night and leave a mark of time behind us… The one who is aware of this, and knows that only together can we influence its direction.

Photo: Mathias Nordgren 

Model: Rami / @ramisharaya 

Hair: Hårgänget Stockholm  

Makeup: team of Rebecka Madera

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