Designers: Sinar Alexis & Rasmus Steyner Randén

Product name: Evy

Collaboration: Kinnarps

Material, color : Black stained beech wood and leather.

Measures: High piece: H:1050 W:480 L: 22000 Low Piece: H:740 W:480 L: 22000

” Magic can happen when people are allowed to interact and come together, It could be a collaboration in school,

a break or informal meeting in the office ”.

It’s interesting how people need and appreciate so many different kinds of chairs just depending on if they’re

hungry, relaxed or stressed. This piece of furniture allows you to interact in all the different heights there are in

tables, stools and chairs, inviting you to work with other people in an unexpected way.

Our challenge was to explore the interrelationship of the volumes, their different levels and proportions, their

angles and the negative space created in order to maximise the functionality of our piece. It’s called Evy.

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