Sinister Manus

In the realm of artificial intelligence, a hallucination refers to outputs generated by AI models that contain fabricated or misleading information, whether in textual or visual form. These erroneous outcomes, often dismissed as useless bugs, are subject to analysis and scrutiny. However, what if within these hallucinations, it lies a hidden reservoir of creativity, yet to be explored? Could this phenomenon signify more than mere glitching, providing a window into a new form of artificial creativity? What if we welcomed artificial imagination as its own novel form of creativity – would it revolutionise problem-solving and foster creative thinking, or is it more likely that it would result in a hallucinating reality?

The hand was first sculpted in Blender based on AI-generated hand-sketches, then 3D-printed, and finally painted, in collaboration with Emilia Colliander Lind.

Sinister Manus is one of seven artworks presented in There’s no such thing as magic, a collaborative exhibition between Beckmans College of Design, Swedish science institute Beijerinstitutet and Svenskt Tenn.

Teacher: Sophia Wood

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