​چله شهو It was the coldest night of the winter​

چله شهو    – It was the coldest night of the winter

A little black fish swims up to the water’s surface and asks the moon “Beautiful moon, is
there anything beyond this stream?” The moon answers “Beyond your stream lies the great ocean.”

It has been many years since my father told me this story and while it’s only a small part of my childhood it is a much larger part of my parents’ lives and the lives of many others. The story of the little black fish’s voyage to the ocean was banned for fear that it could be interpreted as a critique of the ruling political system. It is of course possible to interpret the curiosity of the little black fish as a symbol of many things; ambition for self- realisation and to overcome obstacles and cross boundaries in life. My collection is aboutthe little black fish and its journey into the wide ocean.