Collaboration: with Frida Fröderberg and Abstracta 
Materials: Solid ash and moulded PET plastic. 
Dimensions: H455mm x W/D (ø) 350mm

A  sound absorbing stool for public spaces
At first glance Sum is simply a stackable stool for public spaces, but its textile arches give it additional sound absorbing qualities. Its design playfully combines wood and felt elements, keeping these materials separate whilst exploring the relationship between the two. Abstracta products typically have a ”hidden” wooden construction, but our brief was to invert this. The result is a solid ash stool with moulded acoustic PET panels. These panels are bare and the seat has a removable cover, making the materials recyclable.

The project combines the interplay of two combinations; of form and sound and of wood and felt. A larger surface area of felt creates a better soundscape, but our objective was to create a piece of furniture with a distinct wooden feel. Our way of resolving this tension was to make the stool stackable. When stored this way, the combined felt portions of sum amplify its sound absorption properties, giving it a valuable secondary function.