”Liebe Sickan”

Robert Jonsson examen2018 och fashion, mode

For my graduation project I have explored the effect of an emotionally driven design process would have on the realisation of my collection, whilst also looking at how I, both personally and as a designer, can develop by trusting my gut feelings. 

How does a collection take shape if the heart gets to decide?  

My project is rooted in the grief I felt after my grandmothers passing and the correspondence she had with her german boyfriend Peter in the early ’60s. I asked myself, amongst other things, what she was like in her youth and if there is more than the bond of family which connects us.By poring through family photo-albums and translating these letters I laid the groundwork for a design process based on emotional values, where I allowed my feelings and my fear of forgetting play a central role in my design decisions. The resulting collection is one in which I strengthen the familial bonds and where fading, checks and padding are key. We are also taken on a journey through the photo-albums from black and white, to sepia tones and finally colour.

Photo: Christoffer Sundqvist 

Makeup: Rebecka Madera 

Models: Thobias J & Elias h @ MP management

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