Eddy – A bar stool with a twist

Height-adjustable bar stool

A collaboration with Alice Hägglund. 

Material:         Steel, cork, gas spring 

Dimensions:   H 630 – 780, D 380 , seat: 340 

Exhibits: Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2020    

Eddy is a height-adjustable bar stool with a twist. Recognized by the footrest that with its unbroken shape gives the stool a fluid look, as if in constant change. We challenged the idea that mechanical seating should be designed with focus on function, often leaving them lacking in diversity and style. With Eddy we aimed to enhance the aesthetic value of the heightadjustable bar stool, by making its function change its visual expression. We believe that the functions; changes in height and the rotation of the seat gives us means to create a design that is dynamic and expressive. Under the seat is a plate to adjust the height. Allowing you to lower the seat wherever you have a hand free. A traditional lever would break the visual silhouette of the bar stool. We developed a hidden operating lever that is reachable from any angle of the seat.

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