”Leftovers”– Graduate collection 2018

My artistic endeavours start from a study of human beings, their functions and disfunctions, as well as the personal expression that characterizes a particular “individual”. I create for people who feel suffocated by the normative narratives of our epoch.

In my project I pay great attention to illuminating the situation of oppressed minorities in society, people who are not accepted on account of their being misunderstood, or who otherwise are felt not to belong. I want to shed light on individuals who live in fear of those who do not accept alternatives. It is for us that I take a stand with my work.

During this process I have studied the art of visualizing and narrating using garments and performance. By making use of alternative art forms inspired by gender-transcending performance art with the aim of promoting the individual and the personal expression. As well as achieving a broader understanding of my own design process and creativity through making use of character-building based on my own ego.

I have worked with techniques like padding, contouring, makeup art, advanced pattern construction – enlarging and diminishing – as well as rigilene boning for forms that are independent of the body.By subverting historic garments and silhouettes I want to liberate myself from innate prejudices regarding class, gender and ethnicity – creating understanding for the uncomprehending.

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