Fashion Collaboration – Lisa x Rave Review. ASKÖ

The brand has inspired me to work exclusively with second hand textiles and to make clothes with a value of textiles that, in a way, already lost their status. Rave Review use a mix of both colors, structures and different textiles qualities in their collections. The way of working creates an opportunity to play with memories which is in the textiles and put them in to an contemporary fashion scene. With memories and association possibilities in mind, the collection is based on personal memories from my grandparent’s old summerhouse, the sun-bleached and washed out aesthetic together with an active watersport feeling from my closest remembrances. The collection includes already used qualities like washed-out terry towels, old sportswear in a colorful combination and old wetsuits.

All the textiles used in the collection come from Myrornas, a second hand chain in Sweden and from my grandmother’s home. From the outset, sustainability was the main focus of the collection. Also working with textiles with an obvious limit: sometimes it was not enough for an idea, so a new idea had to comes from the limitations, to let the piece of material in that specific quality make the design choices. It was interesting how the limits created the design and how important it was to hold on to the principle. The combination of qualities comes from research of the possibilities in second-hand market and the realization of how many technical garments that exist in second-hand stores. 

The limits of creating with this specific way of sourcing can be difficult as a foundation for a company to create an economic sustainability. But the method is fantastic since the world is full of qualities that are more than good enough to create new things in. The second-hand market is important for the future, both as a way of giving garments a second life as well as finding the base to create new designs. This makes every garment unique. This collection wants to encourage the way of looking at resources that already exist. It is inspired and created from the benefits of textiles that stretch to fit the body, with a vision to create new shapes and to make them fit the body once again. With color blocking and lines and cuts similar to wetsuits, the collection is flirting with activewear. 

Materials: 40% washed-out second-hand towels, 30% old wetsuits, 30% old sportswear

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