Time Well Spent – Films (editing & post-production)

Ivan Gedin film

Time Well Spent (Grad show concept)
Beckmans College of Design
Graduation Show 2021
May 20th–25th 

Beckmans College of Design’s Graduation Show 2021 presents three films portraying the constant battle between you and the deadline. Whether you try to fight or flee, there is no escaping time. Only one can win, and you’re about to find out. 

Concept & Art Direction: Ivan Gedin, Isabelle Sjö, Lisa Åsberg & Lova Nyblom, Graduate students in Visual Communication
Directors of Photography: Alva Nylander & Isak Lundberg
Set Design: Johanna Fosselius & Teresa Lundmark
Gaffer: Thabiso Kubheka Persson
BBE: Calle Mardell
Craft: Leo Gedin 

Talent: Viktor Nilsson
Original music by: Erik Elvkull
Sound Designer: Therese Gylfe
Voice over: Sophia Wood
Colorist: Axel Rundquist 
Studio: Droem Studio

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