Homeless Objects

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt a need to organize. My belongings were never in a disorganized chaos. I decided to research the phenomenon junk drawer, a space in a home where various miscellaneous items are collected, the homeless objects.

Through a survey where participants answered questions about their junk drawers and how they related to them, I received the groundwork for my thesis. My designs are inspired by nomads, communities of people who travel from place to place, often to find fresh pasture for their animals, and have no permanent home. Nomads, mainly from the Middle East, have since way back woven rugs to shelter themselves from the weather while simultaneously creating beautiful patterns for their mobile homes.  To create an ambiance and revisit the nomadic lifestyle I have designed a rug based on the contents of a junk drawer. The seven nuances of pink are inspired by common colors in nomadic rugs. Additionally, I have designed an indiscreet piece of furniture with an animal like shape that can’t be hidden as easily as the contents of a junk drawer and instead proudly stands tall in a room.

Thanks to Hitex Robot Tuft AB, Sanchis Art AB and Svenska Ugnslackering AB.

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