Isabel Wagner

Dolly is a piece of furniture for the office of the future: a versatile and recyclable stool. 

A collaboration with Jone Skarbövik and SA Möbler as producers. 

We placed great focus on the choice of material and how it could be processed. We wanted to find a relatively unexplored material with good potential. The search resulted in the discovery of Solid Textile Board from Really — a 100 % recyclable board, made from 70 % reused fabric and 30 % binding component. 

In order to create a unique expression in the relatively limited production of flat board materials we experimented with radiuses and different compositions. We discovered similarities in the looks of form-pressed furniture, and developed that analogy with the help of the scoring in the boards. The stripes that went in different directions as a result of the stool’s different parts gave the piece an aesthetic expression that went well with the brief’s point of origin.

Material: Solid Textile Board

Measurements: h 47 cm, w 30 cm, d 32 cm