​Gant x Beckmans

This is my interpretation of The Club Blazer.

During the spring 2019 Gant celebrated their 70th year anniversary with the exhibition “Seven decades Seven icons” at the department store in NK in Stockholm. In collaboration with Gant me and my classmates at Beckmanscollegeofdesign were asked to contribute to the exhibit by submitting our interpretation of iconic Gant garments; I was assigned the club blazer. 

Originally the patches sewn on to a club blazer revealed access to closed and extremely privileged circles. My aim with the project was to undress the prestige and elitism historically associated with the garment to create a nonchalant preppy expression as a caricature of the garment’s origin.

Photographed by @isakdejong

Hair and makeup: @johanna_nordlander & @janoubrand

Model: @antonisaksson

And a special thanks to Oskar at Quartex for the patch

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev