My work is an exploration of the child’s notion of space. The chair, Helga, with its playful base is designed so that the little ones, who are closer to the floor, better can empathise with the piece of furniture.

At the beginning of the project, I visited preschools to study how children relate to their indoor environment. Lunchtime proved to be a particularly agitated moment of the day, that often led to frustration for both educators and children. It made me think about how the environment can provide more focus, enjoyment, and calm at mealtimes.

My reflections and investigations have resulted in an interior design concept for a preschool toddler group, with the Helga highchair at its centre. As a theme through the work, is the desire to view a room as a younger child. Inspired by a 2-year-old’s perspective of their surroundings, in combination with studies in neuroaesthetics (the study of how the environment affects our brain), I have created a chair and an applicable concept that includes colour, light and material.

Thanks to


Mats Grennfalk, Caroline Scheler, Niklas Hedin, Stefan Toth, Nora Rydenstam, Fredrik Ireklint and Linnea Remnemark at Swedese who made the project possible.

Elena Kanevsky, Malin Jarbo, Sigrid Strömgren, Marie Dreiman, Isabelle Sjöwall, Samuel Kuhfuss, Kvadrat, Astrid.