Born of Decay

The reason for making this collection was my ambivalent feelings towards fashion. My guilt and freedom, my empty words and most vigorous formulations, my joy and misery. All that fashion has become to me during my years at Beckmans.

Everything that gets in fashion’s way becomes a victim of its inconsistent nature. This project is a study of my own and others contradictions. Why do we, like martyrs, dress in fashions that deliberately hinder bodily functions and emphasizes impracticality but simultaneously seems to be liberating. Why do we expose ourselves to fashion’s transitory and unforgiving character and seek to come to terms with it? I feel guilt and I want to express it in the hope of finding a purpose and not merely the consequences my creative practice has on everyone involved.   

Metaphors are the tools I return to in order to achieve a result that is as personal and emotional as possible. Whether or not we read my work in the same way is not as important as your expression of emotion or thought as a result of it.  

Photography: Mathias Nordgren 

Models: Moa F (Stockholmsgruppen), Amie J (Mikas), Matilda L (Mikas), Evelina L (Mikas), Viktor K (Nisch Management), Mai-Linh (Le Management)

Thanks to: Sandra Backlund, Philip Warkander, Alexandra Quensel, Tilde Rödland, Gabriella Wetter Burman, Rita Haavimb, Maja Sjöberg, Ylva Halén and Alf Fredell.

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