H590, W650, D250 mm
H400, W650, D250 mm

Collaboration with Annelie Wihlborg.
Beech, colour impregnated mdf, leather.

Photo: Monika Mróz

A collaboration with Gärsnäs

Gärsnäs requested a wall-mounted storage solution for both the office and the home, something that would meet today’s demands.

Smyg is mainly made of solid Swedish beech with artisanal joints, both in line with Gärsnäs’ history as well as the Scanian landscape. The modular aspect of the design is central, we want the shelf to be able to accompany us through life, as well as being a piece of furniture that can function as a bridge between the aesthetics of the office and the home. The shelf can be used both solitary or in group, with each interstice serving a purpose. With inspiration drawn from 1930´s architecture, the graphic blue line in each vertical plane defines the form.

Smyg uses a way of hiding and displaying content without for that matter adding a door or a hatch. The slight angle to each vertical plane works as a lamella, creating an optical illusion, opening and closing as you move around it.

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