Graduation Collection – Pedestrian

I walk and I see. I see as I walk. In common places. Every day. Any day. I walk the streets.

Photographer : Albin Händig

My thesis project begins with my fascination for everyday fashion and urbanity. As a point of departure for the work, I have developed a research method inspired by the Situationsists and their idea of rediscovering the city through playfulness. I have walked through downtown Stockholm and documented in words and pictures the urban environments that make up my daily life, focusing in particular on everyday fashion. My collection is a product of the environments and people I have observed with the purpose of working out a way I could express urbanity and of determining which aspects of everyday fashion interest me. I have based it on key items and silhouettes, but also on a general feeling in my research. Based on my personal interest in an orderly, well-tailored silhouette and classic garments, I have been particularly inspired by common garment types and silhouettes. But along the way I’ve also found inspiration in the less common, unexpected fashion encountered in the street. It is in the interplay between the typical and the unexpected that the feeling of urbanity and the extraordinary in the everyday live.

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