Super Sober

My project is concerned with wearing one’s views about the alcohol norm through colour, print and materials. This is a collection for youngsters which draws up a discussion about norms pertaining to alcohol and drugs.

Since alcohol can have its greatest effect on the young I have chosen to focus on youngsters. By means of research and interviews I have shaped my collection so that it expresses young people’s thoughts about sobriety and norms. From what people wear it is almost impossible to see that someone does not drink alcohol. Since there is no special attribute I have taken the liberty of showing alternatives in my garments.

The project starts from the belief that everyone should be able to go to parties regardless of whether they drink alcohol or not. The collection is about the prejudices that arise in our society when a person says no thank you to something that is normative. My goal is not that people should all be healthier but, rather, that people should respect each other’s differences.

With my collection I want to communicate a different sort of party feeling, a sense of community and freedom; the fashion scene as the party itself. But I also want to show how alcohol and drugs in general are glorified and glamorized in the fashion context. 

Thanks to: Tippan Nordén, Jennifer Blom, Felicia Åström, Malvina Sundén, Jeanette Mörck.

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