​Ö-K – ​#Öppnakolonilotter

Sustainable Systems, June 2020

Under this course, we have been asked to work on a design project based on sustainable food, in the city / local area. The aim of this project was about finding and choosing good alternatives and studying what you can find locally in sustainable food production. 

Ö-K – #öppnakolonielotter – is a sustainable initiative that is mainly based on four principles: knowledge, sharing, exchange, and commitment. The idea is to open the colony area of Eriksdalslunden to the public, in form of some exchange days. These exchange-days could help people to engage themselves in a new sustainable challenge, and to get more and more used to more local and careful food production. The concept is inspired by the “open house” service.

Symbolizing this initiative is a house-shaped tray that wants to communicate a sense of security, altruism, and of course sharing. ”Home” becomes the icon, the symbol for all these lots that are located in Stockholm’s country. We want the colony area to be an inspiration for old and new generations. 

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